A description and guide to building a web app with a Rails API backend and React frontend

Imagine this, you’ve come up a brilliant idea for a web tool that will revolutionize the way something is done. To bring your idea to fruition, you know you need to build either a website or a web application. To decide, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Will there be data involved that needs management?
  2. Does it also need a client side?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, chances are you’re looking to build a web application. Amazing! But what a web application anyway?

What is a web application anyway?

Simply put, “A web app is…

When and how to use .gitignore in your Github repository

With over 100 million live repositories to date, Github has proven to be the number one spot for open source. This is wonderful for a number of reasons but mainly being that whatever your level of expertise, users can be use it to learn new or different ways of doing things, to alter or change things and [can] distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

Picture this, you are X amount of weeks into your coding bootcamp learning the magic of Ruby on Rails when you’re instructed to create a Rails application. You’ve come up with a killer idea for your app and are super stoked to start creating your masterpiece. The database is all set up so naturally, the next step would be to seed some data so you can test the functionality of your app while you code. You get to your users table and think to yourself, “I…

So get this, I’m 2 weeks into Flatiron School’s Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp when my cohort and I are tasked with pair programming our very own Ruby CLI app. As a beginner in everything code related, my first instinct was to panic!

Me Panicking! 😬

After I got that out of my system and actually started to code, I realized that, from what I learned in those two weeks, I was well equipped with the knowledge needed to actually create this app. …

Radiyah Sabur

Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School. I love Fashion, Film and all things sparkly.

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